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Network for the Empowerment of Women is devoted to women succeeding in business and leadership. We provide a safe environment for women of all ages, and from all walks of life to discover, develop, and drive their innermost passions, transforming themselves into visionary entrepreneurs and leaders. We believe in the power of education, equality, and inclusivity.

International Women’s Day Conference

International Womens's Day Conference

Every year, March 8th is recognized as International Women’s Day. Join us each year as we celebrate the achievements and bravery of women working in all works of life in advancing gender equality.

International Women’s Day conference provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from leading experts on how to make a meaningful impact on business and leadership. Businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to build meaningful connections, exhibit their business, and showcase their skills and expertise. Here is a link to the International Women’s Day 2022


Impact and Empowerment Summit

Impact & Empowerment Summit

The Impact and Empower Summit creates opportunity for knowledge-sharing, empowerment and impactful connections that bring together female business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, in order to foster unity, collaborations, advanced gender equality, and build financial independence for women.

Network for the Empowerment of Women continues its encouragement and support of visionary female entrepreneurship  with the Impact and Empowerment Summit which holds annually. The summit promotes the inclusion of women from all walks of life and within all forms of businesses. This interactive platform connects women through global knowledge-sharing and education with accomplished leaders, executives, and business owners, fostering gender equality, peace, and unity in an inclusive environment.

We recognize that gender equality is critical in maintaining peaceful communities, harnessing new opportunities, and building a sustainable economy.  Through the Impact and Empowerment summit, we inspire and motivate aspiring women leaders, lift up more women, increase visibility to women-owned and led businesses, and contribute to sustainable economic growth by empowering more women to stand up and use their knowledge and expertise in advancing  gender equality.

Leadership & Personal Development

Leadership & Personal Development Workshop

Do you think of yourself as a leader? Each day our lives demand that we take action and lead. Our leadership and personal development workshops will help you learn new ways of leading and enhance your current leadership style.

Network for the Empowerment of Women offers leadership and personal Development workshops and Empowerment summits on a rolling basis. Contact us for details of our upcoming workshops and/or summits.


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Netwoking and Mentoring

Networking & Mentoring

Are you seeking to improve your networking skills or would you like to offer your expertise to help transform women into visionary owners and entrepreneurs? Join Network for the Empowerment of Women’s Networking and Mentoring Circle to gain invaluable community resources and mentoring opportunities for business growth and success.

Women Empowering Women!

NEW’s Networking and Mentoring Circle is for women just like you. Connect and build skills in this safe environment with other women who are driven to achieve success in business and leadership. Solid networking skills do more than just advertise your business. They foster trust, build adept communication skills, and create strong lasting relationships. As women and entrepreneurs, we face many challenges balancing our professional and personal lives. Our Networking and Mentoring Circle is where you can gain support and knowledge, or find a mentor and transform into a visionary business owner and entrepreneur.

The benefits of mentorship are lifelong. As a mentor, your knowledge and encouragement will inspire and inform unique talents on journeys they may never have thought possible. You will demonstrate that women in business and leadership come from many backgrounds, and achieve success in many different vocations. Your passion and drive will grow one woman’s spark of creativity into a thriving venture.

Take this chance! Reach out and connect with valuable resources and women thriving within and around your community.

Rise and Lead Girl’s Forum

Rise & Lead Girl's Forum

The Rise & Lead Girls’ Forum encourages girls to recognize their unique potentials and to believe in their ability to create the change they want to see in the world. The Rise & Lead Girls’ Forum joins the UN and the global communities to commemorate  the International Day of the Girl each year in October.

In celebration of the International Day of the Girl, Network for the Empowerment of Women hosts a unique Girls Inspire Girls summit. The summit brings together young women and girls from around our communities to share their inspiring and interesting  works, and their motivations to make a difference and create positive change. These are girls from local communities and schools who believe in their unique ability to make an impact.

Skills Acquisition Workshop

Skill Acquisition Workshop

NEW’s Skill acquisition workshops encourage women to look inward to identify and develop their innate talents and passions. These specialized workshops focus on building each woman’s natural strengths and filling knowledge gaps to create greater confidence, knowledge, and develop strong business acumen.

From a creative spark to flourishing business and community leadership. NEW’s goal is to help women transform into visionary business owners and entrepreneurs.

Network for the Empowerment of Women’s specialized workshops are created to optimize each woman’s innate talents and passions. These workshops help women to look inward and identify their natural skill-sets to create a foundation of a lifelong skill building.  NEW’s skill acquisition workshops also teach women how to draw strength from within, and how to seek support from the community of women around them.

Acquiring new skills with like-minded women builds the bond of future leadership and foresight for successful long-term business ventures. From a creative spark to flourishing business and community leadership. Our goal is to help women transform into visionary business owners and entrepreneurs.

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