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Network for the Empowerment of women (NEW) provides a safe and welcoming space, where women can unite without discrimination or judgement to gain motivation and fulfill their dreams of business and leadership. Every woman has the opportunity to become empowered through the discovery of her own unique passion and talent, to network and mentor one another, and to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

NEW encourages women to brainstorm new ideas, acquire skills, and access resources through coordinated programs and events focused on Personal and Business Development, Leadership. Gender Equality, Social Consciousness, and Sustainability.

Our Mission

To be a safe and inspiring place where women share their knowledge and experiences, support and mentor one another, discover their talent, develop and nurture their passion, learn new skills, become visionary entrepreneurs, and transformational leaders.

Our Vision

To help Women discover, develop and drive their unique genius to generate sustainable income, alleviate poverty, and reach their greatest potential through education, equality and inclusivity.

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