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At Network for the Empowerment of Women, we recognize that gender equality is critical in maintaining peaceful communities, harnessing new opportunities, and building a sustainable economy. Network for the Empowerment of Women continues its encouragement and support of visionary female entrepreneurship by offering leadership and Personal Development courses, through its Academy, and workshops and summits on a rolling basis.

Through the Impact and Empowerment summit, we inspire and motivate aspiring women leaders, lift up more women, increase visibility to women-owned and led businesses, and contribute to sustainable economic growth by empowering more women to stand up and use their knowledge and expertise in advancing gender equality.

With our learning platform, we intend to connect women through global knowledge-sharing and education with accomplished leaders, executives, and business owners to educate and empower women and help them become successful in their endeavors.

We offer opportunities for interested empowered and inspired instructors to become part of the Empowerment Hub. View available FREE and PAID Workshops and Courses following the link below.

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