The Impact and Empower Summit creates opportunity for knowledge-sharing, empowerment and impactful connections that bring together female business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, in order to foster unity, collaborations, advanced gender equality, and build financial independence for women.

Network for the Empowerment of Women continues its encouragement and support of visionary female entrepreneurship  with the Impact and Empowerment Summit which holds annually. The summit promotes the inclusion of women from all walks of life and within all forms of businesses. This interactive platform connects women through global knowledge-sharing and education with accomplished leaders, executives, and business owners, fostering gender equality, peace, and unity in an inclusive environment.

We recognize that gender equality is critical in maintaining peaceful communities, harnessing new opportunities, and building a sustainable economy.  Through the Impact and Empowerment summit, we inspire and motivate aspiring women leaders, lift up more women, increase visibility to women-owned and led businesses, and contribute to sustainable economic growth by empowering more women to stand up and use their knowledge and expertise in advancing  gender equality.