Are you seeking to improve your networking skills or would you like to offer your expertise to help transform women into visionary owners and entrepreneurs? Join Network for the Empowerment of Women’s Networking and Mentoring Circle to gain invaluable community resources and mentoring opportunities for business growth and success.

Women Empowering Women!

NEW’s Networking and Mentoring Circle is for women just like you. Connect and build skills in this safe environment with other women who are driven to achieve success in business and leadership. Solid networking skills do more than just advertise your business. They foster trust, build adept communication skills, and create strong lasting relationships. As women and entrepreneurs, we face many challenges balancing our professional and personal lives. Our Networking and Mentoring Circle is where you can gain support and knowledge, or find a mentor and transform into a visionary business owner and entrepreneur.


The benefits of mentorship are lifelong. As a mentor, your knowledge and encouragement will inspire and inform unique talents on journeys they may never have thought possible. You will demonstrate that women in business and leadership come from many backgrounds, and achieve success in many different vocations. Your passion and drive will grow one woman’s spark of creativity into a thriving venture.

Take this chance! Reach out and connect with valuable resources and women thriving within and around your community.